Only Day use Hiking Trails in Algonquin Park.

Every year nature enthusiasts and hikers visit hiking trails in Algonquin provincial park of Ontario, Canada, to re-freshen their minds and soul and enjoy its unspoiled beauty. It is very refreshing indeed to hike at Algonquin park. Algonquin’s 7,635 square kilometers territory provides various day hiking trails and backpack trails.

Day use hiking trails in Algonquin Park

There are around 20 day-use trails in Algonquin Park.

Sixteen of these trails are directly accessible through the highway 60 parkway corridor. Highway 60 corridor is a 56 km route that passes through the southern side of Algonquin Park.

Four trails are far north in Algonquin Provincial Park, mainly approachable through Achray campground.

A valid park permit is always required for hiking.

Trails on Highway 60

Centennial Ridges Trail

Centennial Ridges Trail is a beautiful trail, especially to enjoy the fall colors. The lookout point over the ridges is enough to take your breath away. The difficulty level for this Trail is moderate. However, this Trail is a long trail with a 10.4 km loop. So depending upon your walking speed and physical stamina, it almost takes 5-6 hours to complete the whole circle.
While hiking, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Whitefish Lake and Rutter Lake, along with several small lakes and ponds.
The Trail is muddy and long, so always bring your hiking shoes and enough snacks and water to keep you hydrated source.

Track And Tower Trail

track and tower trail
Track and Tower trail

Track and Tower Trail is my Favourite Algonquin Trail with the best lookout.

The track and tower trail is the best candidate trail if you only have time to do one hike. The overall path is a 7.5 km loop with an up and down, rugged path. The last 2-3 km of the Trail is a steep climb.

The leading beauty of the whole Trail is cache lake; it is just WOW! You can easily access it through the Highway 60 corridor, and it takes around 2-3 hours to complete the hike.

Beaver Pond Trail 

This Trail is a 1.9-kilometer loop. It is an easy trail, but few people find it difficult as you have to incline hills with plenty of rocks and roots along the path. It is also a concise trail with beautiful surroundings of Amikeus lake. Beaver Pond Trail is one of the best places in Canada to see the landscape architecture of beavers.

The Lookout Trail 

Lookout Trail is a 2.1-kilometer loop. The hike is very easy and is one of the busiest trails in Algonquin Park. It hardly takes 20-30 minutes of an easy uphill walk to reach a gorgeous view at the lookout point.

Fire Tower Trail

This Trail is the shortest trail in Algonquin park with 200 meters (660 feet) loop. It goes to a viewpoint overlooking the Sunday Creek valley where there is a replica of a cupola (wooden lookout structure) that was installed on the top of steel fire towers in Algonquin Park. It looks impressive in winter when its vast surroundings are covered with snow. It is located at the Algonquin visitor center, km 43 of highway 60.

Hardwood Lookout

This Trail is a 1 km easy loop of a beautiful view of Smoke Lake and the surrounding hills.

Algonquin Logging Museum Trail 

It is an easy 1.3 km walk. You can know the logging history and see a recreated camboose camp and a fascinating steam-powered amphibious tug called an “alligator.” Its location is at km 54.5 of highway 60.

Whiskey Rapids Trail 

Whiskey Rapids is a 2.1 km very easy-to-walk loop along with the amazing views of the oxtongue river and whiskey rapids. The trailhead is 7.2km from the west gate.

Peck lake Trail 

Peck Lake Trail is a 2.3 km loop with a beautiful path around the shoreline of Peck Lake. Throughout the whole hike, you walk around the lake. The unique thing about this Trail is that you can easily spot ravens here. In winter, the lake is frozen, and you can easily walk over the frozen lake.

Hemlock Bluff Trail 

This Trail is a 3.5 km loop over highway 60 corridor with a fantastic view of Jack Lake. It is a hilly but very easy-to-hike trail without any strenuous inclination.

Mizzy Lake Trail 

This Trail is excellent especially, in the morning with little fog over Mizzy lake. It is an l0.8 km loop trail with a wet path. During the hike, there is a variety of nature’s scenery to enjoy, including the number of smaller ponds and lakes. There are very good chances to see moose and other wildlife over this Trail. It is a moderate trail, and the total distance can be covered in 6-7 hours. Pets are not allowed.

Big Pines Trail 

It is an easy 2.9 km walk along with big pines trees. The probability of seeing wildlife is pretty fair here. It is recommended for those who are interested in Algonquin’s logging history.

Spruce Bog Boardwalk

spruce bog boardwalk

This Trail is a 1.5 km loop. Along the hike, You can enjoy two spruce bogs and a few sections of the boardwalk. It hardly takes 45 minutes to complete the Trail. From the west gate, the trailhead is 42.5 km over Highway 60. this whole path is a boardwalk, with lots of benches to rest. Senior people and children can easily access this Trail.

Bat lake 

bat lake

Bat trail is a 5.7 km loop. It is a moderate one with few good inclines and descents. The Trail slowly climbs past a river before reaching a beautiful lookout. The Trail then slowly descends and crosses a bog before reaching Bat Lake. The lake has two small docks from which you can take in the view.

Two Rivers Trail 

two river trail

This Trail is a moderate 2.3 km loop hike. The lookout is stunning over top of a cliff with mesmerizing views of the North Madawaska river. The trailhead for the two rivers is 31 km from the west gate.

Fun fact – The Lake of Two Rivers looks amazing in winter, as it totally freezes over completely.

lake of two river in winter

Booth’s Rock Trail 

It is a 5.1 km loop with a stunning lookout point. It takes around 2 hours to complete the hike. The path along Rosepond lake and Gordon lake is amazing. On the way back, there is an abandoned railway track.

Trail NameDistance
Centennial Ridges Trail10.4 km
Track and Tower Trail7.5 km
Beaver Pond Trail1.9 km
Lookout Trail2.1 km
Hardwood Lookout Trail1km
Algonquin Logging Museum Trail1.3 km
Whiskey Rapid Trail2.1 km
Peck Lake Trail2.3 km
Hemlock Bluff Trail3.5 km
Mizzy Lake Trail10.8 km
Big Pines Trail2.9 km
Spruce Bog Boardwalk1.5
Bat lake5.7
Two Rivers Trail2.3
Booth’s Rock Trail 5.1
Brent Crater Day Trail2.0
Barron Canyon Trail1.5
Berm Lake Trail4.5
Fire Tower Trail200 meters
Jack Pine Trail1.6 km
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Other day use Algonquin park trails

Apart from these trails, there are other adventures trails in far northern and remote parts of Algonquin Park, which are easy to access if you stay at Achray campground.

Brent Crater Day Trail 

It is an easy and beautiful 2.0 km loop with scenic views and exploration of the Brent meteorite crater, one of the world’s most famous fossil meteorite craters near cedar lake.

Barron Canyon Trail 

barron canyon trail

This Trail is a 1.5-kilometer loop. It is a lesser-visited attraction because it’s in a more remote part of the Park and is not accessible through Highway 60. It’s located on the east side of the Park near Achray campground, about an hour from Pembroke, on Barron Canyon Road.

Berm Lake Trail

This Trail is a 4.5 km loop. one can walk along with the pine and oak forest. The Trail ends at the beautiful Achrey campground. Berm Lake and through pine and oak forests typical of the Park’s east side.

Jack Pine Trail 

It is a 1.6 km hike, starts from the Achray campground, and leads to a stunning lookout point over Grand lake. Famous artist Tom Thomson’s renowned work, The Jack Pine, was inspired by the landscape of Algonquin at Achray on Grand Lake.


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