3 easy trails to hike in Algonquin provincial Park

Algonquin provincial park is a promised land for canoeing, kayaking, and hiking. The park, established as a Provincial park in 1893, was named after the Indigenous people who inhabited the Algonquin region. This provincial logged park is one of the oldest among Ontario’s 340 provincial parks covering 7,635 square kilometers of forests, bogs, lakes, and rivers.

Algonquin provincial park from Toronto

Distance from Toronto – 243 km

Algonquin provincial park is a mecca for trail lovers and hikers and nature enthusiasts as this park includes so many adventurous day-use trails and backcountry trails.

But, if you have hardly 1 day to explore Algonquin, or you are visiting with kids, These 3 trails are a must.

  • Track and tower trail
  • Hemlock bluff point trail
  • Bat trail

Track and tower trail

A must-to-do trail in Algonquin provincial park

Lookout pointOverhead view of Cache lake

Track and tower trail is a beautiful and moderate 7.5 km loop with a spectacular lookout over Cache Lake. You can easily access it through the Highway 60 corridor that passes through the southern side of Algonquin Park.

I visited the Track and Tower in July, on my birthday, when camping in Algonquin was on my bucket list. While hiking on this trail, you will walk through some of Algonquin’s industrial historic sites.

When you enter the trail, you will find a post to pick up a trail guide map ( Do drop the $0.50 fee into the coinbox ).

Throughout the hike, you will find different patterns of stairs, little water streams, dams, etc.

Photo by Sherry

There are 13 wooden posts throughout the trail to help you navigate and locate the path. A washroom (outhouse) is also available by the parking area.

There is a chance that you might be able to spot a Moose, but the chances of encountering grizzly bears are almost zero.

Do you know there are approximately over 2,000 bears in Algonquin, which is about one for every three to four square kilometers?

Always check the official website to know in advance, any warnings in effect in Algonquin Park.

Average time 2-3 hours
Total length7.5 km
Route of trailLoop / Circuit
Opening availability Year-long
Pets allowedYes, on leash
Difficulty levelModerate
Backcountry campingNo

After 2 km, you will stroll along the cache lake. Cache lake is a fantastic place in Algonquin Park to experience canoeing or kayaking.

Photo by Sherry

The final lookout point over cache lake is striking and soothing to your eyes. We enjoyed our food there while enjoying the fantastic scenery of Algonquin park and playing with a friendly 🐿 chipmunk.

Photo by Sherry

While returning, you can take the old bike trail to take a long way back, or connect to the original path through a shortcut. Do keep the trail guide with you to keep yourself up to date with your location according to the trail map.

Hemlock Bluff Point Trail

Lookout point – Jack lake

Hemlock Trail is a 3.5 km loop over highway 60 corridor with an amazing view of Jack Lake. This is a hilly but very easy-to-hike trail do without any kind of strenuous inclination. I visited this trail in the rainy season, so paths were a little slippery due to mud and wet leaves. But the overall experience was terrific. We encounter two garter snakes while returning from the Jack lake trail.

During your hike, you will see the scenery of a beautiful mixed forest; an Eastern Hemlock that stands along jack lake.

Average time 1 hour
Total length3.5 km
Route of trailLoop
Opening availability Year-long
Pets allowedYes, on leash
Difficulty levelEasy
Backcountry campingNo

Planning to visit Algonquin provincial park, check the current and latest weather update here.

Bat trail

Lookout point Bat Lake

Bat trail is a 5.7 km loop in Algonquin Provincial Park. We did this in November, But, the trail was very well-managed at that time. It almost took us around 2 hours to do in and out. We took a 10 min lunch break and a lot of photographs during this 2-hour window.

Bat trail is a moderate one with few good inclines and descents. The trail slowly climbs from the trailhead past a river before reaching a beautiful lookout. The trail then slowly descends and crosses a bog before reaching Bat Lake. The lake has two small docks from which you can take in the view.

While exploring the Bat lake trail, you will enjoy views of a beautiful hemlock stand, and stunning views of the acidic Bat lake.

The trail is located at kilometer 30 on Highway 60.

This trail is famous among hikers for hiking and nature trips. Bird watching is one of the activities here, especially from April to October.

Average time 2 hours
Total length5.8 km
Route of trailLoop
Opening availability
Pets allowedyes, on leash
Difficulty levelModerate to tough
Backcountry campingNo

Dogs can also use this trail but must be kept on a leash.

If you live in Toronto, Plan a visit to the Forks of the Credit provincial park.

Things you require for hiking a trail.

  • A good pair of shoes
  • Hiking or comfortable socks
  • Mosquito Spray in the summer and fall season
  • Layers in the winter season
  • A comfortable small backpack
  • Water bottles, and dehydration during hiking is the worst idea.
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunshades

Which trail do you enjoy most in Algonquin park? Tell me in the comments.

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